Episode 7

In which Mike interviews BattleTech author Craig A. Reed Jr…

…in a conversation that covers most of the last century-and-a-half of the history of the Inner Sphere, as well as some sound advice on how to get started writing for Shrapnel and BattleTech, and a brief sidebar on the mighty Leeds United (MOT!).

Useful links:

  • The site’s Events page;
  • Craig’s Sarna page and list of works;
  • Out today (Monday 15th July 2024)! – Craig’s new novel “In The Shadow Of The Dragon” on the Catalyst store (as EPUB and Kindle files), DriveThruFiction (EPUB) and Amazon UK (Kindle and print editions).
  • “Icons of War”, Craig’s first novella – if you don’t have it in the recent Humble Bundle, it’s available from Catalyst, DriveThruFiction (EPUB and Kindle) and Amazon UK (Kindle, paperback and audiobook)
  • The “Elements of Treason” trilogy is also available as e-books – see Craig’s list of works on Sarna, above, for those and the rest of his works.

Please note: Amazon links in the above are affiliate links from which I make a small percentage should you buy from them.

Episode 6

In which Mike is late.

Profuse apologise for the lateness of this episode, especially to interviewees Ed and Kendall. The interview was actually mostly recorded at the English Nationals (at the end of May), and the rest of the episode in the first week in June, before UK Games Expo. Unfortunately since then (as well as being away in Shetland for a week) I’ve mostly been fighting with Anglian Water’s insurers and repairers, who have… let’s be frank, not been as timely as they might. Most of our ground floor still has no carpet.

But, here we are – as I comment at the end, please consider this a historical document from the end of May/beginning of June. And look out for more episodes to come a lot closer on the heels of this one.

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Apologies for downtime

Having got back from the BattleTech English Nationals with two hot podcast recordings burning a hole in my pocket (semi-literally, they were on the iPhone!), I arrived home to this…

In case you’re curious, that’s our house top left (click on image for news report)!

We’re fine, although some of our downstairs flooring isn’t, and there’s still a massive hole in the road outside our front window. Unfortunately, I shut down the house webserver (on which this site lives) for safety overnight on Sunday, and the boot SSD decided not to come back on Monday morning. We are now back up on a new, faster server (actually a VPS in the cloud) and I’m just troubleshooting the last of the issues with the recovery.

Hoping to get the first of the podcasts up tonight (Weds 28th).

We got merch!

If you ran into Mike at Salute, you may have noticed him sporting a very fetching black Tales From The Periphery T-shirt in the best of sizes (Wargamer XL) featuring our Old Grey Whistle Test-inspired logo.

These are now available for purchase from the site shop – secure payments are handled by WooCommerce Payments and Stripe. Manufacturing and fulfilment is via StreetShirts, and should be pretty quick (same or next day dispatch) as long as Mike is around to transfer your order across for production. Sizes available are S to 3XL. Sorry, UK customers only (for now).

Note: If you want a shirt delivered to the English Nationals this coming weekend, please order by 1pm Weds 22nd May (i.e. tomorrow lunchtime) and Mike will bring it along (floods, etc, permitting).

Episode 4

In which Mike does a bit of shopping, plays a few games, visits a wargames show.

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Episode 3

In which Mike and Stuart Marsh discuss running games at clubs, stores and shows, community building, and decide to leave 3D printing to a future episode.

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Episode 2

In which MIke gets all nostalgic for 1990’s multi-user BattleTech technology, command-line terminals and online rôle-play.

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Note: I mostly edited this podcast using the AI features of the paid version of Riverside.FM. I have to say it is much quicker than picking out ‘erm’ as a waveform in Audacity, but I’m not 100% happy with its ability to detect silences and match words to audio. You may find a few bits of this a little glitchy, for which I apologise. I’ll probably go back to Audacity for serious editing going forward, but Riverside is excellent for multi-participant recording and large-scale edits with the aid of its transcript feature, so I will continue to use it for that going forward.