Episode 3

In which Mike and Stuart Marsh discuss running games at clubs, stores and shows, community building, and decide to leave 3D printing to a future episode.

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Episode 2

In which MIke gets all nostalgic for 1990’s multi-user BattleTech technology, command-line terminals and online rôle-play.

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Note: I mostly edited this podcast using the AI features of the paid version of Riverside.FM. I have to say it is much quicker than picking out ‘erm’ as a waveform in Audacity, but I’m not 100% happy with its ability to detect silences and match words to audio. You may find a few bits of this a little glitchy, for which I apologise. I’ll probably go back to Audacity for serious editing going forward, but Riverside is excellent for multi-participant recording and large-scale edits with the aid of its transcript feature, so I will continue to use it for that going forward.

Episode 1

In which Mike and guest Andy Dickinson of Leeds Wargames Club attempt to remember when they first met, discuss LAMs, Camospecs, running clubs and shows, as well as upcoming events including Adepticon and the English Nationals. And digress a lot 😀

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I’ve just upgraded to a paid version of Riverside.FM for my podcasting, so hopefully audio recording, editing and cleanup should be better and less work going forward!

Episode 0

In which Mike attempts to explain The Plan, and runs through some news and upcoming events.

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Here you will be able to find a list of places where you can play both Classic BattleTech and Alpha Strike, as well as links to events, the BattleTech UK discord etc.

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